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Athletics foster commitment, healthy living, and leadership among girls. Research indicates that girls who participate in sports also perform better academically.

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Residential Life

Our residential program, Moreau Hall, is a unique aspect of of our community at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, enriching the lives and culture of both our day and resident students.  With residents from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, we are dedicated to integrating cultural diversity in all aspects of our shared community. 

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Discipline, compassion, self-confidence, and adaptability are just a few of the life lessons learned through our program. Our versatile lessons teach riders to develop enhanced communication skills, a nuanced approach, the appropriate application of pressure and forward thinking that are essential as they learn to partner with their horse. The social, emotional, and character-based lessons are consistent with our Sacred Heart Mission and Goals.

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International Exchange

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools offers a program of both domestic and international exchange to its students. The Sacred Heart exchange program has existed for over 40 years and has engaged more than 2,500 students from Sacred Heart Schools in Canada and the United States along with a multitude of international students.

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Global Mindset

In keeping with Goal 3, a social awareness that impels to action, the Coastal Roots program assists students in developing an attitude of stewardship toward our natural resources. Students participate in a constructive active learning situation in which they can explore strategies for sustaining our coastal ecosystems. They plant seeds and care for the seedlings until they are large enough and strong enough to be planted in a coastal ecosystem within our state community. 

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Our 5 Goals


Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a personal and active faith in God.

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Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a deep respect for intellectual values. 

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Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a social awareness which impels to action.

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Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to the building of community as a Christian value.

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Wise Freedom

Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom. 

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The best way to understand the unique and beautiful gifts that a Sacred Heart education has to offer is to experience our community by scheduling a tour!  Tours are ongoing so please contact us today to take the first big step for your daughter's future. 

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The Gift of a Lifetime
ASH Parent and Alumna

My Sacred Heart education was the most precious gift my parents ever gave to me, so of course we wanted the same gift for our daughters.  We have made their Sacred Heart education a priority and with that comes sacrifices, which we gladly accept, for this intangible blessing in our lives."   

A True Sisterhood

A day I will never forget is the very first time I experienced life at Sacred Heart: the day I shadowed. I remember so many feelings of nervousness and anticipation. All of these feelings went away when I was welcomed by such sisterly love from girls I had never met before, who would later become girls I would proudly call my sisters to this day. This day was such a defining moment in my life.

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